Rachael Ray

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Rachael was born and raised in Southwest Kansas. Growing up in a small town, Rachael played sports and worked on her grandpa’s farm in her spare time. She moved to Fritch, Texas in 2012 to be closer to her sister Michelle, her niece, and her nephew. Prior to becoming employed with Dean Boyd, Rachael worked several years selling insurance for State Farm Insurance. Her insurance knowledge and background have helped make her successful with Dean Boyd.

Rachael believes that family is one of life’s greatest gifts and it shows through her loving family-oriented personality. Working at Dean Boyd’s, Rachael has had the chance to meet and help many amazing families. The families don’t always know it, but they have helped shape Rachael into the person she is today. A lot of the families she gets to meet have just suffered a tragic loss or event due to someone else’s negligence. Rachael knows these tragic events are never an easy obstacle, but she thrives on being able to help these people at some of their weakest moments. Rachael has learned just as much from the clients at Dean Boyd’s as they have learned from her. Helping fight for the clients is what she loves to do. Rachael is very strong on the office moto of, the client is and will forever be our top priority, and she loves that about her job. Rachael feels blessed to get to work for Dean Boyd and help him fight for his clients.

In her free time, Rachael likes to go to the lake, hanging out with her family, random trips with her Granny, and attending any sporting event.

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