Candie Reynoso

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In 2015, Candie was blessed to join Attorney Dean Boyd’s staff and she is so glad the Boyd’s took a chance on her. They have given her the opportunity to grow and learn so much and she couldn’t be more grateful for all they do. They go well above and beyond for their staff, clients, and community because they genuinely care about helping people. You could say that they are what Candie loves most about her job, even though there are so many aspects she loves about it. When you have bosses who care about their employees and have a passion for what they do, it’s easy to enjoy coming to work every day, no matter how huge the workload is or how stressful things can get.

Not only that, but she loves being able to help clients. It has been so rewarding to help those whose lives have been drastically changed by something that wasn’t their fault. She has hugged, cried, and laughed with so many people from all walks of life and those experiences motivate her to do the best job she can do for the clients. A fantastic team works here. Candie’s co-workers, whom she has the pleasure of working with daily, make her job all the more better! She is so honored to be a part of Dean Boyd’s firm.

Outside of work, she is the mother of 5 beautiful children who she is crazy about. Their names are Adrian, Avery, Kalea, Sahnya, and Naveah. Candie is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and will hopefully graduate in two years (She hopes to be the in-house IT person for Mr. Boyd *hint hint*). Her oldest son will probably be graduating with his Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering the same time as her, which she thinks is pretty cool. One of the best organizations she is part of is the Panhandle Down Syndrome Guild, as she has a child with DS who is the light of their family’s lives. Candie absolutely loves everything make-up and wants to have a YouTube channel eventually. She loves going to the gym to get her workout on with her office roomie, Stephenie Kidd. She probably does too much at times, but who says you can’t be a mom and do it all? PS: She is obsessed with Game of Thrones.